Wednesday, March 26, 2008


my birthday just passed two days was a great and memorable day for me as I've turned into 21..its kinda hard to believe..yeah, because i feel that i'm getting older..haha..and for sure, now I have a right to vote though the election was just finished...yeah i'll wait until 4 to 5 years friends greeted me and there are friends who gave me present and pay my meal family, even they are far from me, but they gave me calls and sent the birthday messages. But the most happiest was my father gave me some amount of money to celebrate it with my friends.. so I brought my friends to Pizza hut that was just nearby with our campus..

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Syuraini said...

Happy b'day dilah..may God bless u always..Baru bg comment coz br rsa nk bg hehe..weh update arr blog..!