Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend to remember

Last weekend one of my friends have organized a gathering for the former Kuantan's Pre-Degree Tesl students which was held at Pantai Puteri, Malacca. This was a great meeting since we have not meet up about one year. We are formerly doing our Pre-Degree at Kuantan but after further to degree, we have been separated by two states, which are Shah Alam and Malacca. So, by doing this kind of activity, we are still keep in touch to each other.
The day start with the arrival of our friends from Shah Alam and we have gathered at the beach in the evening. People who incharged in food serving have prepared BBQ chicken, fish and sausage and there is some desert for us.
We enjoy chatting while having our delicious meal. There is lots of things to be shared together since we do not have a chance to do that before. We teased to each other because some of us have put on some weights. One of my friends said that I am prettier and slimmer than before. (haha)..(I just take it as a joke)..
Our next activity was sea bathing. At first, I refused because I didn't bring clothes with me but after my friends pulled me out into the sea, I just enjoy it and totally forget about my clothes. This really excites me though I didn't know how to floating my body. My friends tried to teach me how to swim but I didn't want because I have a phobia that I got from my previous camp. That was an old and long story. (I don't want to reveal it here). We took bathe for about two hours until our body become 'shrank'. We leaved at 7.20 pm and headed to our houses.
The next meeting preceeded on 9.30 pm. We parked our transports at UiTM parking lots and took a long walk to the next destination. We arrived at Jonker Walk and as we arrived there, floating of people were there and the Chinese were dominated but Malays and other reces also been there. My friends from Shah Alam bought shoes, accesories, bags and other souvenirs to bring back. But I didn't buy anything as I already ran out of money. ( I have to minimized my shopping stuffs as I think I am really crazy on them recently and if I don't want to suffer on the future days)..
How time flies when we have a really good time. We leaved the Jonker Walk at 1 am and we have supper after that. We went back at 3 pm as we all were already tired and sleepy.

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