Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bad day

Huargghh!! still sleepy....like the other day, waking up in the morning is like a burden to me...but as I get used of it, my body become 'immune'..but still, if I not wake up from the right side of my bed, thats mean my day will not as good as a tagline of Ntv7 channel " I feel good"...whatever..i dont know what I'm mambling about =)
Yesterday my housemates and I went out to TESCO after PELT class..we bought lots of grocery items for our house.. it's like we are going to have a 'kenduri'..and the bad thing happened to one of my friends...and the worse thing is, it is just like a sequent of bad things happen to her..it started when she lose her sandals as we stopped at surau to perform Asar prayer. Next, after reached at home, she noticed that her matric card was not with her. If I were in her shoes, I don't know what I'm going to do because besides all these kinds of things that happens to her, she also has some personal problems.. that's really bad huh..but think positively as all the conditions that occur whether it is good or bad, there's a meaning behind that, right? yeah, maybe it sounds simple as we always said 'it easier than said, but we have to be strong and have to believe that Allah is testing us..
I think this is the time to leave because in 30 minutes, my Sociology class will start and I have to catch the lift..daaa

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