Monday, January 14, 2008


This is my first post that I write for this blog. Actually this is my second blog as I already have it one on my Friendster account. This blog has been created as Dr. Bano's requirement for Ethics subject.
As I busy with lots of tasks and assignments, I think I have to spend even a little time to keep my blog update. I know this is not as easy as I said, but whatever it is, by hook or by crook, I know a wise time of managemant is vital and needed to make it real. I have to push myself to make all these kinds of things if I want a good cgpa for this semester.
Now I'm in second semester of B. Ed Tesl program. This semester begin pretty slow for me as I have to refresh all the memories and lessons that have been taught by lecturers on previous semester. They become a bit rusty after faced approximately two months of semester break. But I know this is not a time for play. This is the moment where I have to bark up and polish all the good things that stored on me and I have to work hardest(I'm still working on it) in order to acquire a better achievement in this program.
I think I have to stop now because I'll have a class after this. I'll be back soon!


nughul said...

blah ar mg..

ashlink87 said...

sounds good 4 da beginning dear, keep it up k, i knew u cn manage those thing perfectly...i'll try my best to stay priviewing ur blog, hope we cn met asap rite? theres a lot of thing we need to discuss..ahahha..c ya later dear..mmuuaahhxx..=)

nur adilah ismail said...

haha..nughul --> u can improve in writing a comment..ashlink-->thanks for the support