Monday, February 4, 2008

my vacation

vacation...i like that word so much..for me, vacation is needed because it's kind of vaccin that helps you to rejuvenate yourself back after facing a tiresome of work or study..

during last semester of break, my father brought my family to go for a holiday in Indonesia..we were there for 5 days..we stayed at jakarta for two days, then we were brought by our travel agent to Puncak and West Java...our next destination was Bandung...we enjoyed shopping because their stuffs are much cheaper from Malaysia...on our way, i viewed by myself how their people struggling with poverty..some of them stayed beneath the bridge and its kinda neighbourhood that they created by themselves..

Besides that, we have been served by their delicious food and their people are nice too..after being there for 5 days, we went back to Malaysia...i will not forget all the memories taht i collected there...its so cool babe!


david santos said...

Nice posting, Nur.
thanks and have a good day

nur adilah ismail said...

Thanks for the comment